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Hoylake Hole By Hole Guide

The Royal Liverpool Golf Club, Hoylake, is situated in the Merseyside area of England. A par 72 track, the course has ten par 4's, four par 3's and four par 5's, and it will serve up another stern test for the players. Tiger Woods is a previous winner here and it will be the 12th time that Hoylake has hosted The Open Championship.

We've put together a hole by hole guide for the course below, to give you an idea of the course and how it might suit certain players before you place your bet.

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2014 British Open Hole By Hole Guide

Hole 1 - 457 yards Par 4

The opening hole at Hoylake will offer a stiff test as they come away from the Clubhouse. Players will be looking to keep their drive close to the bunker on the left so they can attack a long, narrow green, albeit this green is one of the toughest to putt on.

Hole 2 - 456 yards Par 4

The second hole puts a premium on accuracy off the tee and this one is for the strong drivers in the field There is an undulating green to locate with the second shot and some tactically positioned bunkers ensure that any mistakes will be punished to the full. A sloping green will again test a player's ability with the short stick in hand.

Hole 3 - 429 yards Par 4

Another par four, the third hold is very testing and it will be interesting to see whether players have the courage to take it on. A big drive first up will need to place them in position to attack the green from a tricky dog leg. The green is protected by a swale on the safer left side but for those who fancy taking a risk the out of bounds is close to the right.

Hole 4 - 372 yards Par 4

The par 4's keep on coming and accuracy off the tee will again be important as some newly positioned bunkers are lurking and it is best to stick to the left hand side of the track, thus offering the best angle of attack to the green.

Hole 5 - 535 yards Par 5

Things don't get any easier at the fifth hole as it requires a threaded drive between the bunkers. The best angle of approach to a two-tiered green is from the right but the challenge doesn't end there as even two-putting can be demanding.

Hole 6 - 202 yards Par 3

At last something a little shorter but no less testing, the 'New' is played into a crosswind and is surrounded by bunkers.

Hole 7 - 483 yards Par 4

Bunkers to the left and right make the seventh hole one of the toughest driving holes on the course. The westerly wind can make life very difficult as it pushes the ball towards the thick gorse, although the overly cautious can be punished as a bunker lies in wait to the front left of the green.

Hole 8 - 433 yards Par 4

Hole eight demands an easy swing into the wide part of the fairway so as to avoid the out of bounds hedge before taking a middle iron to the green.

Hole 9 - 198 yards Par 3

The wind usually blows from right to left at the par-3 ninth and bunkers at the front left and front right protect a very narrow green. A short but tricky test.

Hole 10 - 534 yards Par 5

The tenth is called 'far' for a reason as it is the furthest part of the course away from the clubhouse and it hasn't often proved the undoing of many a great player. The brilliant Bobby Jones, who won this tournament in 1930, needed seven shots for this par 5, and he is testament to the need to stay away from the front right bunker!

Hole 11 - 393 yards Par 4

One of the more picturesque holes at Hoylake is undoubtedly 'The Punch Bowl' as the Welsh hills provide the background for four holes which run along the shore.

Hole 12 - 382 yards Par 4

A dog leg par-4 is very demanding as the 'Dee' serves up three bunkers on the right of the fairway, although it is dangerous to try to come up short because of the rough on the left...

Hole 13 - 198 yards Par 3

The tremendous scenery continues to dominate the backdrop but players will need to be wary of the mounds that guard the front left of the green.

Hole 14 - 456 yards Par 4

One of the most popular holes at Hoylake, 'Hilbre' serves up a sharp dog leg to the left. The big hitters in the field will be tempted to carry the bunkers that protect the corner of the green but that can be a dangerous ploy, with several coming unstuck with such a tactic.

Hole 15 - 161 yards Par 3

The shortest par-3, 'Rushes' is an elevated hole that is set into the sand dunes. It can be easy to underestimate such a hole but a wayward effort can make it very difficult to chip to the green or to even get out of a bunker.

Hole 16 - 576 yards Par 5

The finishing stretch is in sight but the hard work is far from over as these final three holes provide a stiff examination of a golfer's stamina and staying power. The 16th is a long par five which needs a drive towards the fairway, avoiding the bunkers on the left, before a full wood to try and reach the green. A grassy hollow at the front right of the green makes life difficult.

Hole 17 - 459 yards Par 4

Arguably the most difficult hole at Hoylake, the 'Lake' weighs in at 459 yards and a long, straight drive is needed to avoid the bunkers and to have any chance of reaching the green. A long second shot is needed to reach the two-tier green and anything left short means a player must deal with thick rough and bunkers.

Hole 18 - 560 yards Par 5

The final hole requires a shot at aimed at the dog leg before playing safely or trying to sneak within the out of bounds line. An easier third shot to the long green, which is protected by bunkers to the front and left, and the finishing line is now in sight.

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