Muirfield Hole By Hole Guide

Muirfield is situated east of Edinburgh on the East Lothiam. A par 71 track the course has eleven par 4's, four par 3's and three par fives and will present a tough challenge to the professionals. The Open Championship will be the sixteenth time that Muirfield has hosted the event and past winners include Gary Player, Jack Nicklaus, Tom Watson and Nick Faldo who won here twice. Last time the event was played at Muirfield South African Ernie Els was the winner with a six under total of 278.

We've put together a hole by hole guide for the course below, to give you an idea of the course and how it might suit certain players before you place your bet.

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2013 British Open Hole By Hole Guide

Hole 1 - 450 yards Par 4

A lengthy opening hole greets the golfers usually into the wind for this tough par four. The players will ideally keep it down the left of the hole off the tee avoiding the fairway bunkers. Anything short and right to the green will be captured by two greenside bunkers.

Hole 2 - 367 yards Par 4

An iron off the tee is the sensible play on the second hole, with out of bounds running down the left of the hole within fifteen feet of the green. The right hand side of the green is closely guarded by bunkers.

Hole 3 - 379 yards Par 4

Another short par four but most players will lay up before the fairway bunkers as the fairway disappears into a narrow gully the further down the hole you go. The second shot can be tough if into the wind, with it being well bunkered at the front.

Hole 4 - 229 yards Par 3

The first of the par threes and the longest. The hole is played from an elevated tee to a long narrow green, with two bunkers short right and one on the left hand side.

Hole 5 - 561 yards Par 4

The first of three par five holes on the course. The tee shot is crucial here as the fairway is heavily guarded by bunkers. Much depends on wind direction also, in 1992 conditions on this hole yielded 21 eagles and 234 birdies. In 1987 there was just one eagle and 84 birdies!

Hole 6 - 469 yards Par 4

The sixth hole is probably the toughest on the course. A long par four almost always played with a crosswind there's no real eyeline for the drive, whilst the second shot can be difficult to judge as there's a hidden hollow before the green and a wooded area over the back.

Hole 7 - 187 yards Par 3

The second par three is played uphill into the prevailing wind making the tee shot longer than the yardage. The green is guarded by four bunkers and the green is often very quick as it's exposed.

Hole 8 - 445 yards Par 4

The eighth hole doglegs slightly left to right with out of bounds down the left hand side so the tee shot cannot be too straight. There are a cluster of bunkers on the right hand side of the fairway which can be driven, although the safer play is to lay up on the left with an iron.

Hole 9 - 558 yards Par 5

The last hole on the outward nine has out of bounds running all the way down the left hand side. There's a nasty fairway bunker which if caught will turn this hole into a three shotter at best. It's very narrow on the lead up to the green with the OB on the left and bunkers on the right.

Hole 10 - 472 yards Par 4

The 10th is another tough par four where the drive is all important to miss the fairway bunkers on the right. It's a blind second shot to a green guarded by three bunkers.

Hole 11 - 389 yards Par 4

A blind tee shot opens up to a generous fairway, but the skill here is the second shot into a heavily guarded green with seven bunkers. The green is also heavily contoured so three putts are not uncommon on the 11th.

Hole 12 - 382 yards Par 4

A safe lay-up shot off the tee to the left of the fairway is the best approach to the short 12th. The green is heavily guarded to the right hand side by bunkers so taking them out of play is the way forward.

Hole 13 - 193 yards Par 3

The 13th is a tricky par three made more difficult in 2013 by an extra 32 yards having been added since the last time Muirfield hosted the Open Championship. It's a long green measuring 46 yards but it's only 15 feet wide so accuracy is key with a hollow of dunes to the left.

Hole 14 - 478 yards Par 4

The tee shot is all important on fourteen, with the landing area heavily guarded by bunkers. Usually played into a stiff breeze, the players will require an accurate long iron for their second shot.

Hole 15 - 447 yards Par 4

Accuracy again the key here, with the sensible play a lay-up from the tee avoiding the fairway bunkers. It's a very tough green with many humps and hollows and guarded on both sides by five bunkers.

Hole 16 - 188 yards Par 3

The last of the par threes, the 16th has a heavily guarded green with seven bunkers. There are also dunes not too far away so the centre of the green is the safe play as the round comes to a close.

Hole 17 - 578 yards Par 5

The last par five on the course can be easily reachable in two shots given the right conditions. However, if the wind is up the cluster of bunkers 100 yards short of the green come into play.

Hole 18 - 473 yards Par 4

The final hole is very much one of the classic closing holes on the Open Championship rota. A long par four, the tee shot is guarded by three bunkers, whilst the green has two deep bunkers each side to punish any wayward shots in.

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