Turnberry Golf Course Guide

Turnberry Hole-By-Hole Guide

The 2009 British Open wasplayed on the Alisa Course at the Turnberry Resort in Scotland and we are going to be looking in a little more depth at the Championship course. Each hole on The Alisa Courseis given a name that is designed to make the player stop and have a think about the best way to play that particular hole:

1. Ailsa Craig (named for the rock in the Firth of Clyde that you look out on) Par 4 354yds
2. Mak Siccar (Make Sure) Par 4 428yds
3. Blaw Wearie (Out of Breath) Par 4 489yds
4. Wo-Be-Tide (Watch Out) Par 3 166yds
5. Fin Me Oot (Find Me Out) Par 4 474yds
6. Tappie Toorie (Hit to the Top) Par 3 231yds
7. Roon the Ben Par 5 538yds
8. Goat Fell (named for the tallest peak on Arran across the firth) Par 4 454yds
9. Bruce's Castle (remains of Robert the Bruce's castle are nearby) Par 4 449yds

10. Dinna Fouter (Don't Mess About) Par 4 456yds
11. Maidens (The village north of the course) Par 3 175yds
12. Monument (to the airman lost that were stationed at Turnberry) Par 4 451 yds
13. Tickly Tap (Tricky Little Stroke) Par 4 410yds
14. Risk-an-Hope Par 4 448yds
15. Ca' Canny (Take Care) Par 3 206yds
16. Wee Burn (the little burn that runs in front of the green) Par 4 455yds
17. Lang Whang (Good Whack) Par 5 559yds
18. Duel in the Sun (Nicklaus vs. Watson 1977) Par 4 461yds

The course itself is a Par 70 and totals 7204 yards in total with the improvements made to the course over the past year with the British Open in mind.

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